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What is broadband?

Broadband Services is an always on internet connection that is able to support various interactive services and has a capability of minimum download speeds of 256 Kbps.

Why should I choose Pioneer broadband services?

Whether you are an individual user (@home) or corporate user (@work) Pioneer broadband services has only the best to offer. This means that the load on the connection is far less and a high-speed connection is always guaranteed.

  • With Pioneer broadband you can choose from a wide variety of plans based on your requirement and budget.

  • Pioneer broadband is a prepaid service so you can have a control over your monthly spends on the Internet.

  • With Pioneer broadband you can enjoy best speeds as we offer a contention ratio of less than 30.

  • You can renew your connection online and during renewal you can select any plan of your choice.

  • Get double the bandwidth (plan) during night hours ( 12:00 a.m –6:00 a.m)

How can I get Pioneer broadband connection?

You can apply for a Pioneer broadband connection through the following means:

  • Visit and post your enquiry.

  • Call customer care: +91 40 43435353

  • E-mail us:

Once you express your interest, a Pioneer business associate will contact you to confirm the order. You can select the plan of your choice and hand over the required documents and cheque/dd. Once this is done, you will be connected to Pioneer broadband by a Pioneer field engineer.

What are the documents should I have to submit to get a new broadband connection?

  • Local Address Proof (Ex.: Driving License, Family Card, Voter ID, Passport, Electricity Bill, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Rental Agreement & Etc.).

  • ID Proof (Ex.: Driving License, Pan Card, Passport, and Voter ID & Etc.).

  • One Passport size photograph.

Could you send someone to collect the application form & documents?

Absolutely, please call on us at +91 40 43435353 & fix up an appointment. Its very easy.

How many days it will take to install Broadband services at my premises?

It takes 2-3 days for our technical staff to provide the broadband Services at your premises. You can call +91 40 43435353 for the follow-up of your order in case of delay.

What is the minimum PC requirement?

  • Operating System Windows 98 and above
  • RAM 64 MB or more
  • LAN card

How much does installation cost?

One time registration/Installation charges will be Rs 500.However installation will be absolutely free for 3 months (or more) subscription.

Can I connect more than one computer?

Yes, if you have a router that supports this.

My speeds vary from time to time. Why is this?

Your broadband connection is shared with tens – sometimes hundreds – of other users at your ISP before it is connected with the ISP's own links into the internet. During periods of high demand, which tend to be early evenings, this can cause congestion.

How can I protect myself from viruses?

Ensure you’ve installed appropriate anti-virus protection software on your PC and verify that your software is always up to date.

Does Pioneer allow VoIP services such as Skype?

PC to telephone VoIP services isn’t supported. However, VoIP PC-to-PC, such as Skype, MSN messenger or Google Talk, will work.

Can I change my package?

Yes, you can change your package, just call +91 40 43435353

Can I shift the service to another location?

Yes, you can request for shifting the broadband service to another location just by calling Pioneer helpline +91 40 43435353. (Conditions apply)

What if I discontinue the broadband service?

The service will be discontinued upon your request by calling at +91 40 43435353. You will need to clear any outstanding dues (conditions apply).

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